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It is normal to have questions...

Is it too big a financial risk?

What will people think?

Where can I find reliable information?

Am I too old for it?

Will I be able to use my existing skills?

Am I willing to sacrifice stability?

Is this change really the best fit for me?

How it works...

Speak to an Expert

'Test Drive' the options

Make an informed decision

We get it. It's a tough decision, and we are here to help

Access to Career / Life Coaches

Our wide array of career / life coaches will guide you based on your strengths, aspirations and current situation

Live interactions with professionals from your chosen domain

Practical insights, direct from those who have been there and done it.

Guidance on financial security

Understand the financial implications of your decision and how you can best manage your situation

Frequently Asked Questions

We place a lot of emphasis on doing by learning and talking to domain experts. This will help you get insights which you will not find on Google

You will be guided by 

  1. Financial experts who assess your current ability to undertake a new venture and how you should plan your finances for the near future
  2. Counsellors for assessing your strengths / weaknesses and understanding your aspirations and fears
  3. Subject matter experts – Industry folks who have ‘been there done it’ and are best positioned to provide you with the most authentic insights

All programs are covered over a duration of 4 weeks. Sessions are held on weekends so this is something you can do along with your regular work

Our mentoring sessions are conducted virtually. For sessions that require a physical location (such as a workshop, studio, kitchen etc), the address will be mentioned along with the curriculum

For purely virtual programs location is no barrier. However programs that require a physical location are currently conducted only in Bangalore. 

We provide tentative dates for commencement of a program. If we receive the minimum number of responses we schedule it and share the exact dates. Participation is to be confirmed by making the full payment

All programs can be booked directly from our website. We accept all major cards, UPI and wallets. 

Since these programs are curated and our mentors require a minimum batch size, refund is not possible after the booking has been done. Refund is made only in the event of cancellation of the program. 

We will shortly be coming up with additional modules where it will be possible for you to engage with our experts beyond the 4 week duration. 

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