Everyone wants to will a lottery, but no one wants to buy a ticket

- Someone who won a lottery
Taking the first step
Most dreams are crushed at this stage. We aim to run when we haven't learnt to walk. We get overwhelmed by the possibilities - what we can do and what can go wrong. We are told that it's easy, or that it's not, but we are rarely told how it is done, by those who have done it already.
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We understand you
You are a multi-potentialite, constantly thinking of the NEXT BIG STEP. Your imagination runs faster than your mind can analyze. You are saturated with theory and want the practical experience but don't know whom to turn to. You are tired of sitting-on-the-fence advice from content creators and people who have no real experience
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Ok, that is a fancy word. All we want you to do is take baby steps. Understand life behind the scenes in your dream profession, without burning a hole in your pocket and without too much emotional investment
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Enter 'Half Day Someone'
Trying out new things and speaking to experts should not be difficult. We open doors for you. So have no inhibitions. There are no stupid questions. You may not get all the answers immediately, but you will have better questions to ask yourself.
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Don't Find What You Want?
We are always adding new experiences. But the possibilities are as vast as the number of people out there. If you cannot find what you are looking for, fill up the form and we will try our best to curate an experience for you.
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