The Team

Sanjeev Shenoy, Co-founder

Half Day Someone is the brainchild of Sanjeev Shenoy AKA SanjShen. He is a serial entrepreneur and multipotentialite. Over the last 20 years, Sanjeev has been a mystery shopper, event planner, restaurant owner, sportsperson, tarot card reader, food tourism enthusiast & several more.

Through Halfday Someone, his goal is to give people from all walks of life a chance to experience life through different perspectives.

When he’s not busy curating interesting Halfday Someone experiences, you can find him at the squash court or trying his hand at home brewing beer.

Malyaj Kaloni, Co-founder

Malyaj has 2 decades of corporate experience in a wide variety of industries and roles. The ‘wide variety’ was as much by chance as it was by design. From a young age Malyaj has been curious about ‘how stuff works’ and this has led to being involved in multiple projects, often of contrasting natures. 
Half Day Someone is very close to Malyaj’s vision of offering people a chance to explore their potential, without risking too much emotionally and financially. He firmly believes that in today’s age, experience and first hand insights are distinct competitive advantages and making them accessible to everyone is the natural thing to do. 
Malyaj is trained in Economics, Statistics, Maths and Finance by qualification but does not take any of them seriously. 

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